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Irshad Mobarak

Irshad Mobarak has been a keen naturalist since his childhood. Inspired by the lives and deeds of pioneer naturalists and explorers such as the legendary Alfred Russel Wallace and the renowned botanist, writer and environmental campaigner, Professor David Bellamy, Irshad left his banking career and walked down the path of Natural History. He has been deeply moved by the plight of the animal and plant world and the perilous relationship they have with man at this moment in history. He has devoted his life to helping ordinary people unlock the mysteries of the natural world.

Dato K

Dato Kamarulzaman

Dato Kamarulzaman founded the Friends of Langkawi Geopark, arguably one of the most important NGO of Langkawi, fighting to defend, preserve and maintain Langkawi’s Geopark status. Throughout the years he had led many struggles to ensure sustainable development and growth in Langkawi for a better future and at the same time stimulate tourism to enhance the livelihood of local community.

Friends of Langkawi Geopark


Anthony Wong

Born in 1956, Anthony Wong’s instinctive passion for outdoor life and nature led him to embark on a career in the tourism industry in 1973 while in high school. In 1976, he and a team of enthusiastic adventurers established Asian Overland Services Tours & Travel (AOS). With his partners’ interests shifting into other endeavors, Anthony was soon single handedly building his own solo operation. Now 33 years later, Anthony’s leadership has made AOS the leading inbound tour operator for Eco tourism, Adventure, Experiential Learning and Special Interest and Incentive Tours in the country.


Eric Sinnaya

Lives in Langkawi, pioneer in Langkawi travel & tour business (Morahols Travel Sdn Bhd) for over 30 years. Presently the Chairman of Malaysian Nature Society for Langkawi. Greatest objective is to save the wonderful Heritage of Geo island from being destroyed by development. Dubbed the Guardian of Nature, Malaysian Nature Society serves as a check and balance of Langkawi’s growth.

MNS Langkawi


Dato Alexander

CEO of Tropical Charters Sdn Bhd, and also Deputy Director of Langkawi Business Association (Persatuan Niagakawi), passionate Geopark Champion whom had pioneered and sponsored Langkawi Geopark Cruise for school children. Dato Alex through Tropical Charters had contributed tremendously to Langkawi through community projects, and business support throughout the years.


David Bradley

David Bradley and his wife Gudrun have resided in Malaysia since 2008. They made Langkawi their home and are kept busy running Sunset Valley Holiday Houses, a boutique resort with six authentic Malay kampung houses. David is passionate about all aspects of water management and the prevention of environmental degradation, particularly of our forests, mangroves, oceans and waterways. Both David and Gudrun are charter members of the Rotary Club of Langkawi and David is the current President.


Yap Lip Seng

Yap is the Hotel Manager of Resorts World Langkawi and also the Chapter Chairman of Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), Kedah & Perlis. Various initiative and support had been rendered under the association for Langkawi. MAH Kedah & Perlis not only oversees member hotels in Langkawi, but also mainland Kedah & Perlis. Yap had been working closely with local authorities and agencies to provide support through member hotels.


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