The Message

That we collectively urge the Authorities, Agencies and Ministries to take immediate action on the following concerns.

Environmental Concerns:-

  1. Deforestation and destruction of mangroves, as well as tighter legislation & enforcement over logging and poaching;
  2. Immediate control & limit on import & use of plastic & polystyrene containers & packaging;
  3. Incorporation of compulsory sustainability study in all areas of development, not limited to tourism;
  4. Control and limit on development, especially on nature sensitive areas;
  5. Identification of Core Ecological Zones (CEZ) and surrounding buffer perimeter complete with Wildlife Corridors & establish limits & control over the said zones;
  6. Immediate study and system implementation, control & enforcement on sewerage, drainage and overall waste water management;
  7. Identify and establish control over non natural and invasive species to Langkawi;
  8. Strict enforcement of Best Practices on ecological sensitive zones;
  9. Complete centralized solution on waste management, including separation, collection, disposal and composting.

Economic, Commercial & Tourism Concerns:-

  1. Engagement with stakeholders on all decisions pertaining to tourism and community building;
  2. Establish carrying capacity limits to overall Langkawi, especially on ecological sensitive zones;
  3. Improvements & upgrading of infrastructure to support tourism activities & services, inline with carrying capacity needs;
  4. Express Public Transport services connecting arrival & departure points to main tourist areas, inclusive of taxi connecting services;
  5. Setting up of enforcement task force, on unlicensed tourism products & services.

Culture & Heritage:-

  1. Hunt for Langkawi’s cultural & heritage identity and to develop best practices, products and services based on it;
  2. Community or Village Mall with Langkawi Local Branding, signifying it’s origins and roots from Langkawi;

Education & Awareness:-

  1. Incorporation of Tourism and Geopark elements in Education at all levels;
  2. Eco-Education on industries with direct involvement of ecological zones;
  3. Compulsory safety training for tourism related products & services.

And the following suggestions and proposals put up for:-

  1. Establishment of Tourism One Stop Centre (T-OSC), as contact point for all tourism related matters;
  2. Formation of a permanent Tourism Action Council for Langkawi, with fixed seats for NGOs representing Langkawi’s stakeholders;
  3. Short and long term tourism marketing plan of Langkawi based on UNESCO Global Geopark’s recognition;
  4. Availability of alternative energy options & infrastructure related, but not limited to solar, wind, biogas, rainwater harvesting systems and electric vehicles given reasonable incentive;
  5. Incentive programs on environmental related projects & ventures;
  6. Develop and practice sustainable farming & fishing practices, including and not limited to aquaphonic systems;
  7. Incorporate wildlife friendly practices to landscape and manmade additions;
  8. Compulsory engagement of Naturalists to industries with direct involvement of Langkawi’s ecological elements;
  9. Identify trees and plants of nature to wildlife and encourage planting of the same (animals, birds & butterflies);
  10. To place Malaysian Nature Society’s causes as priority in all matters.


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